• Asset Finance

    Asset Finance

    Asset finance can be used to help businesses from a wide range of different industries, and it’s a flexible and adaptable way for a business to raise the funds it needs.
  • Business Cash Advance

    Business Cash Advance

    Business Cash Advance which can sometimes be referred to by some as Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative finance route whereby is allows businesses to gain access to working capital
  • Business Finance

    Business Finance

    Business Finance means different things to different people but here at Finance WM we can through our partners advise local West Midlands businesses on all on the varying types of business....
  • Business Grants

    Business Grants

    Business Grants are not there to provide any business automatic entitlement them, they are effectively created and awarded to help those local West Midlands based businesses...
  • Commercial Bank Loan

    Commercial Bank Loan

    A Commercial Bank Loan is one of the most popular ways for any business within the West Midlands to raise finance for their business.
  • Commercial Mortgage

    Commercial Mortgage

    Are you looking for a Commercial Mortgage which is right for you? We help local West Midlands based businesses to gain access to some very favourable Commercial Mortgage deals.
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

    Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

    The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme is a financial initiative which has been created by the government in an effort to get the banks lending again to national as well a local...
  • Regional Funding

    Regional Funding

    Being able to access Regional Funding is something we know a lot about, because not only are we able access countless local and regional funders.